About the Company

Established on June 7, 2012, we are a small organization trying to spread and bring to you the huge and splendid cultural heritage of India. We aim to link rural based producers to the modern city markets; thus helping to recognize the vastly skilled artisans of India and also preserve the rich cultural legacy.


We strive towards creating various forms of Indian handicrafts, each unique in its own way. Our products are delivered worldwide in all the cities through FedEx courier.


Our aim here in Patrani is to promote the weavers whose work truly represents the heritage of India. We started off in 2012 with 2 main objectives: One, to bring the various types of fabrics and clothes from the different corners of India under one roof and spread the rich cultural heritage to the masses in the form of Indian handicrafts. Two, to provide employment and a better standard of living to our dear artisans and weavers. The driving force behind the formation and working of Patrani is the hard work and long hours put into each piece of fabric woven by each artisan; thus ensuring that all our products are a masterpiece in themselves.


We at Patrani try to offer our products at very reasonable prices as we strive to take these products to the masses. Our products have great value for the price tagged.